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Policy Priorities 

Community-Based Policymaking & Fiscal Responsibility

As a current public policy professional, former farmworker, and community advocate of many years; I've become a big believer in the idea of community-based policymaking. I don't believe you can be an effective public servant unless you are actively engaging with and building personal relationships with the communities you serve, regardless of their ethnic background, socio-economic status, gender, or political status. It is this diversity of perspectives and lived experiences that should be informing our public service institutions. Community-based policymaking simply asks the question, how can you know your community's most pressing public policy issues unless you are actively listening and engaging with your communities? It is your taxpayer’s dollars, not the government's, and I will work hard to ensure that our taxpayer money is spent responsibly and conservatively, efficiently, and at your guidance. The following is a list of my public policy priorities and my plan to address these issues proactively. 

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